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Our recommended devices below are not listed in Gauss (a measure of magnetic intensity) as do most companies, but yet in terms of needs and desired results. Each respective product page will provide power (gauss & specs), but for sake of changing your viewpoint we will arrange the devices in a more meaningful and objective format. For example, someone in need of sleep management will not benefit from a 40,000 gauss PMT120, but rather the system best suited for addressing applications used for sleep, such as the BEMER. The units below are listed in one or more categories due to their unique benefits and/or software specific protocols which deliver results based on time & efficacy requirements. For example, a PMT 120 may be the best choice if there is extreme pain as the desired result could be immediate. However, the BEMER is the only unit that works in almost all categories since it is NOT a "PEMF" device, but uses very low PEMF to carry the patented BEMER signal to affect more cells than all other machines on the market.


General Wellness :: BEMER - Magnesphere 
Daily maintenance to improve circulation and oxygen uptake. Improve immune function and energy. Not concerned about any serious issues and want to maximize all levels of health.


Impaired Immunity :: BEMER - Magnesphere - PMT 120 - Pulse 4 Life - PMT 300 Digital (all versions)
Improve immunity and restore balance within the body. Accelerate short term results with higher power units.

General Sports Enhancement :: BEMERMagnesphere - Pulse 4 Life

Improved oxygen levels and range of motion. 

Maximum Sports Enhancement :: BEMER - Magnesphere -   PMT 120 - Pulse 4 Life PMT 300 Digital (all versions)
Rapid results in oxygen uptake and ATP production. Useful for same day usage and performance. 

Maximum Physical Therapy :: PMT 120 - Magnesphere - Pulse 4 LifePMT 300 Digital (all versions)
Immediate need for results in physical therapy management and discomfort reduction.

Sleep Management :: BEMER - Magnesphere
BEMER specifically has built-in protocols and software programming to assist in sleep management. 

Stress Management :: BEMER - Magnesphere
Reduction of stress and stimulation of vegas nerve and regulating autonomic nervous system (the part of the nervous system responsible for control of the bodily functions not consciously directed, such as breathing, the heartbeat and digestive processes).

Horse Application  :: BEMER Vet - PMT 120 AT - Pulse 4 Life Tote - PMT 300 Digital (all versions)
Devices suited for travel and/or applicators specifically made for horses. Bemer offers wireless applicators allowing battery powered pads to be worn. 

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