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Dr. Scott Nelson’s Biography

Dr. Nelson’s father, John E. Nelson, D.C., was the ACA’s first Council on Nutrition President. Aside from learning from his father throughout his life, he was introduced to nutritional healing of serious medical conditions through his association with the late William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., founder of the Kelley Foundation and author of One Answer to Cancer. Dr. Nelson worked for Kelley for a year after two years as a theology major at Oral Roberts University, and then remained in Texas for the remainder of his education.

At TCOM in Fort Worth, Dr. Nelson became a teaching assistant in the Osteopathic Philosophy, Principles and Practice Department. He became adept at muscle energy technique, Jones’ counterstrain with holding technique, indirect functional technique and articulatory technique, and craniosacral therapy and was a table trainer for Dr. John Upledgers craniosacral course.

Advised to learn to understand disease before understanding health by Stevan Cordas, D.O., Dr. Nelson ended up understanding disease through a 26 year career in emergency medicine, occupational medicine, hyperbaric medicine and wound care.

The International wound care seminars Dr. Nelson attended in St. Thomas introduced him to the use of compounded growth factor mixes, off-label use of pharmaceuticals also compounded, bacteriophage therapy and nutritional therapy. This lead to training in the Jonathan Wright MD/Roby Mitchell MD variant of Dr. Simeons hCG program, unique in its effect upon inflammatory markers, insulin and glucose regulation, lipid and hypertension improvements, and overall endocrine balance. Simultaneously with training by Cenegenics in Age Management Medicine/hormonal/exercise and nutritional optimization, followed later by training in nutritional/therapeutic IV therapies, ultraviolet blood irradiation, pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) treatment of injuries and inflammatory conditions, autologous stem cell therapy, ozone therapies, xenograft stem cell therapies (treatment must be initiated outside the U.S.), and aesthetic therapies including dermaroller and Pelleve skin tightening/wrinkle reduction therapy.

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